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I just love this simple video, taken in my old backyard when Bitter/Sweet was still being written.


Join me and the Woman Songwriter Collective on August 1st to help fundraise for a good cause!


A great big “Thank You” to Bill Copeland for a fantastic review of my album!

“Incarnadine is a must have for anyone following up and coming artists from New England. Carolyn Walker is certainly something special. Her smart lyrics, clever arrangements, multi-instrumentalist talents are all on fire on this album. Check her out right away or you’ll be the last person to discover this potential next big thing.” – Bill Copeland, billcopelandmusicnews.com

Thank you to all who came to my album release show on January 15th, and for your support!  I feel many times blessed.
If you want a copy of Incarnadine, you can order it through http://carolynwalker.bandcamp.com.
Thank you so much to all of you who backed my Kickstarter!  This summer has been full of recording for Incarnadine, and I’ve had the pleasure of bringing along Mark Erelli, Paul Kochanski on bass, and Lorne Entress on drums!
Lorne, Carolyn, And Mark at Signature Sounds.

Lorne, Carolyn, And Mark at Signature Sounds.

Special thanks to Lucy Kaplansky for having me open for her at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA, on Friday, November 8th at 7:00!  What a wonderful night!

Lucy Kaplansky home

September 1st at Club Passim’s campfire. Festival with the Woman Songwriter Collective.

Monday, April 29, 11 AM – WWLP My Mass Appeal

Just back from my performance on WWLP My Mass Appeal, and I had a blast!  So happy that J Witbeck could join me!



Carolyn and J with Seth Stutman and Elora from WWLP My Mass Appeal.

Carolyn and J with Seth Stutman and Elora from WWLP My Mass Appeal.

In January 2012 I performed Goodbye Lullaby on WWLP My Mass Appeal, and I’m looking forward to returning to Studio 1A, this time with J Witbeck on bass to perform an electrifying version of Just One More.  Check out last year’s performance!